Alphabet Soup

We spent Chinese New Year in Singpore, and after we got back to Japan, Hina caught a cold.
The weather was really cold compared to Singapore, and she would do nothing but stayed under her warm blanket in the morning. Her throat infection and fever was bugging her so much that she totally lost interests in everything.
The only thing I could help was to put a little more effort on her meals to see if I could cheer her up. So I made her a bowl of alphabets soup. She was delighted to see all the aphabets and little 'tofu' bunnies in her soup. I was glad her cold didn't last very long.

- home-made soup stock
- carrot, broccoli, tomatoes, ham, tofu

How to Cook:
1. Cut carrots using Alphabet Cutters , tofu with Bunny Cutter
2. Boil soup stock, add in vegetables, ham, tofu for 3 -5 mins
(note: place tofu in a sieve to boil so that it'll not break into pieces)
3. Serve